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Managing Your Pond for Recreation

May 27, 2020
Oklahoma County Cooperative Extension Office
2500 NE 63rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73111 
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Ponds can provide you with endless hours of recreation, and they can increase the value of your property. There are many goals for an impoundment, such as sport fishing, waterfowl, livestock water, swimming, fire suppression supply and irrigation supply. This workshop will focus on managing sport fish in small impoundments. You will learn how to develop a quality sport fishing impoundment from the ground up, from site selection to managing existing fish and everything in between. Come learn fish management fundamentals that will aid you in developing and managing an enjoyable fishery.
Registration Time:
May 27 2020 12:30PM
Target Audience:
Landowners or managers who are looking to improve the management of their ponds and/or sport fish
Course Level:
Level 1 Essentials

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Oklahoma County Cooperative Extension Office
Event Courses
Managing Your Pond for Recreation (1146)
Course Provider: Noble Research Institute
Course Level: Level 1 Essentials
Learning Objectives: Compare tools used to monitor fish populations, Describe the importance of soil type in site selection for a pond, Apply proven stocking strategies, Understand fish population reclamation, Determine water shed physical properties and how they influence pond size, Understand how land management in the water shed influences water quality and quantity, Understand the value and benefits of aquatic vegetation, Use different techniques for controlling aquatic vegetation, Understand the role that dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, and other water chemistry parameters play in sport fish management, Demonstrate the importance of plant ID, Apply management to individual fish population, Differentiate between overflow types and there application, Demonstrate common sportfish identification

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Organization: Noble Research Institute

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