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Hedging to Increase Pecan Production

March 10, 2020
Montz Pecan Orchard
867 Old T Bone Road
Wichita Falls , TX 76305 
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Managing pecan trees for consistent production and high quality nuts is key to a successful pecan operation. Pecan trees are a masting species, which means they produce a large crop in one year and a low to no crop in the following year. To produce a crop of high quality nuts each year, it is important to manage in ways that lessen the effects of the crop load. Hedging trees has been a strategy used in the Western growing region for years. Hedging removes a portion of the fruiting wood from the tree, allowing only non-hedge portions to set a fruit. This lessens crop stress on the tree, increasing nut quality and ensuring return bloom on the hedged portion of the tree in the following year. Join Noble Research Institute pecan specialists as they review strategies for hedging pecan trees and discuss management practices to maintain high quality pecans on a more consistent basis.
Registration Time:
Mar 10 2020 12:30PM
Target Audience:
Improved cultivar pecan producers who want to learn about hedging techniques and methods for controlling tree size and alternate bearing
Course Level:
Level 4 Master

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Montz Pecan Orchard
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Hedging to Increase Pecan Production (1133)
Course Provider: Noble Research Institute
Course Level: Level 4 Master
Learning Objectives: The economics of hedging, How to use different types of hedging equipment (through demonstration) , How utilization of hedging compares to tree removal, How to determine when to hedge your pecan trees

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