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Managing Existing Fish Populations in a Pond - Online Event

Noble Research Institute

Do you want to catch bigger bass from your pond? If so, you’ll want to join consultant Steven Smith to learn what tools and techniques you can use to improve the quality of fish in your pond. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and engage in online discussion during this livestreamed event.

Understanding the Impacts of Fire on Your Property

Fire can improve wildlife habitat, reduce woody plants, remove thatch, and improve forage quality and quantity for livestock. The most important way to safely burn is to gain experience conducting burns. If weather parameters are within prescription during the field day, we will attempt multiple burns to give you real experience conducting prescribed fire management.

Managing Common Aquatic Vegetation - Online Event

Noble Research Institute

Plants in the pond can be beneficial or not so beneficial, and the key to knowing which is proper identification. Join consultant Will Moseley to learn about aquatic vegetation commonly seen in ponds and how manage them. You’ll have the chance to ask questions and engage in online discussion during this livestreamed event.

Improving Pecan Profitability with Marketing Strategies

This workshop will provide information on strategies you can use to market your pecan crop outside of the wholesale market and give you a better understanding of how the sheller/accumulators determine the price they are paying for your pecans.

Preconditioning Calves for Success

Cow-calf producers who retain their own calves and want to gain a better understanding of the preconditioning phase should attend this event.

Introduction to Integrity Beef

Connect with Noble Research Institute consultants and Integrity Beef Alliance members to learn more about the Integrity Beef Alliance terminal calf program and replacement heifer development program.

So You Want to Grow Pecans

Join Noble Research Institute horticulturists as they review the various production and management practices required for successful pecan production.

Building a Better Hoop House

This workshop is designed to introduce the novice grower/hoop house builder to the various tools and techniques used in constructing a wide range of hoop houses models, including prefabricated kit houses and home-built structures.

Implementing Land Stewardship Principles

Land stewardship starts with understanding the complexities of the soil resource, how to measure it, manage it and regenerate it. This course will demonstrate how to recognize those relationships, discuss how and what to measure, and ultimately how best to quantify the impacts of your land-stewardship-focused management.

How to Get Your Game From Field to Table

Your fellow outdoorsmen, Noble Research Institute consultants, will demonstrate proper post-harvest animal and meat handling for popular species of large and small game. The workshop will conclude with a presentation of favorite recipes.

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