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Selecting the Right Fence for You

This field day is for producers interested in new fence construction using the quality fencing materials available today, including fencing to accommodate high stock density grazing.

Managing Your Pond for Recreation

Oklahoma County Cooperative Extension Office

Come learn how to develop and manage an enjoyable fishery on your property. This event will focus on managing sport fish in small impoundments.

Understanding the Essentials of Grazing Management

Join Noble Research Institute consultants at this hands-on field day as we discuss the planning and management activities used at Coffey Ranch.

Managing Eastern Bluebirds

Come learn about eastern bluebirds, and other cavity-nesting songbirds, and how to build, place and manage their nest boxes.

Understanding Factors Affecting Calf Prices

Join Noble Research Institute consultants as they walk you through all of the decisions that go into making a cattle bid and discuss different marketing strategies.

Understanding the Impacts of Fire on Your Property

Fire can improve wildlife habitat, reduce woody plants, remove thatch, and improve forage quality and quantity for livestock. The most important way to safely burn is to gain experience conducting burns.

Improving Your Pecan Pesticide Utilization

This course will help you improve your pesticide management plan to increase the economic viability of your orchard.

Improving Pecan Profitability with Marketing Strategies

This workshop will provide information on strategies you can use to market your pecan crop outside of the wholesale market and give you a better understanding of how the sheller/accumulators determine the price they are paying for your pecans.

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