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Wilbur-Ellis Producer Tour: Invitation Only

Noble Research Institute

This tour is an invitation only visit organized through adult education and producer relations.

Selecting and Developing Bulls

Evaluating and selecting bulls can be difficult with all the data that comes with them. This course will help you identify the important traits for your operation and management goals.

Managing Crops in Hoop Houses

During this course, you will learn how to manage the unique hoop house climate to produce high yielding, high quality crops.

Beef Quality Assurance Certification

You can earn BQA certification by completing this program and a short test.

Hedging to Increase Pecan Production

Montz Pecan Orchard

Join Noble Research Institute pecan specialists as they review strategies for hedging pecan trees and discuss management practices to maintain high quality pecans on a more consistent basis.

Managing Weeds and Insects in Your Pastures

This course is designed to acquaint new producers with and remind experienced producers about the fundamentals of and practical approaches to pest management.

Managing Eastern Bluebirds

Come learn about eastern bluebirds, and other cavity-nesting songbirds, and how to build, place and manage their nest boxes.

Demonstrating Sprayers for Specialty Crops

During this field day, you will learn about the various types of sprayers available and have the opportunity to see some of them in operation.

Applying Beef Quality Assurance Practices

During this workshop, you’ll see various demonstrations and gain hands-on experience with practices vital to beef cattle production.

Improving Your Pecan Pesticide Utilization

This course will help you improve your pesticide management plan to increase the economic viability of your orchard.

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